I-tec Shading


Photovoltaic blind:

All Internorm composite window systems can be fitted with a motor driven blind without an external power source. The energy is gained directly at the window via a photovoltaic module which is integrated into the blind cover and therefore, provides self-sufficient power for the electric motor. It is saved in a battery and is available when required. Permanent charging of the battery takes place already with diffuse day light.

I-tec Shading exampleYour advantages

  • no energy costs
  • no extra fitting
  • no chiselling work

as no electric cables are needed.

Consequently, this sun protection is ideal in refurbishments as there is often no power supply available. The blind is ready to use straight after the window has been installed and can be retro-fitted to almost any Internorm composite window. The control occurs via wireless – more blinds can be controlled in combination.